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Private Training

Customized Programs and Specific Goals for the Individual

Personal Training / Private Lessons are offered for both Martial Arts and Fitness.

Private lessons are a great way to focus on your goals, refine your skills and understanding,
and flourish at your own pace.

Different Focuses Includes:
Fitness, Weight Loss, Strength Training and Conditioning,
Self Defense, Combat, Competition.


Advantages of 1-on-1 


Individual Attention:

Private sessions can assist the training towards the individual's unique strengths and weaknesses.



Having a routine provides structure and holds accountability for the individual's progression.
Having a set routine is good for the person's physical and mental health.


Appropriate Pacing:

Private training goes at the individual's learning pace.

We can customize, adapt, and review and go forward at a pace that makes sense to the their goal.


Skill Development:

Having 1-on-1 training can excel the development of skill and understanding.
Addressing the fine details and going through precise issues and development is the path to excellence.


You will reach your specific goals faster. 
Progression and the depth of understanding is faster through private lessons.

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