Hi, thank you so much for choosing me as your personal trainer
You have my undivided attention

I would love nothing more than to assist you on your fitness journey
Your problems will be heard and goals will be reached

It will be a safe environment with no judgement
I was a beginner once so I know it can be challenging to try something new

Allow a professional to guide you
I have trained people from all walks of life and treat everyone with the utmost respect

Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing 
From a professional with the attention to detail
For fitness, weight loss, muscle tone, self defense, competition

Please message me for inquiries 
I am currently offering package deals

Martial Arts and Fitness is my passion,
and my purpose is to serve you

The best investment is in yourself

Talk to you soon

Thank you,


Steven Nguyen

"Steven is second to none when it comes to training. He has the ability to motive and teach me all in sixty-minutes. I encourage anyone looking to learn kickboxing to reach out to him for a physical and mental workout. I always leave feeling refreshed, tired, and empowered!"

Sean Parries - Founder of Kids for Recycling

"I have been training Muay Thai with Steven for the last 6 months and I love it! He is very professional, flexible and patient with me. He coordinates each session with new combinations to challenge me and make it fun at the same time. I love that I not only get a crazy workout but I am learning to defend myself if I ever need to. Definitely recommend trying out, guaranteed you'll be hooked!"

Tanya Barinova

"I have been working with Steven as my personal trainer for the past nine months. I am extremely impressed with his dedication and client first attitude. He is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. Steven has been extremely diligent in designing each work session to best meet my fitness and health goals. In addition to being a great trainer, Steven is a very caring individual. He is by far the best fitness guru I have ever worked with. I feel fortunate to have known him, and strongly recommend him as a trainer and fitness coach."

Cameron Irtifa - Real Estate Broker, Certified Accountant

"Most trainers can give you a good workout. What separates Steven is his talent at understanding his clients and their unique requirements. He will finely tune the session to improve your game. He's patient, but always pushing forward in a positive and supportive manner. Steven will give you a great work out. You'll be tired, happy and feeling like you accomplished something."

Ken Thompson