Private Lesson
Personal Training

Thank you for choosing me as your personal trainer.

You have my undivided attention for every session.

Learn Kickboxing/Muay Thai as a form art for fitness, self defense,
weight loss and unbelievable confidence builder.

My focus completely revolves around your specific fitness needs,
and your goals are my number one priority.

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1. Mastery Striking

2. Bodyweight exercise

3. Mitt and pad work

4. self defense

5. Stretching

6. Timing / Light sparring 


Advantages of personal training:

  1. PacingEveryone learns at different rates and we can proceed at a pace that is comfortable and beneficial for you. Class is more structured and one-on-one sessions flows and adapts around you.   

  2. Progression: With consistent one-on-one training, we can progress faster than any group classes.

  3. AttentionYou are the focus in every session so we can identify your strength and weaknesses and figure out the best methods to lose weight.

  4. SkillTo reach new heights in training, it is important to pay attention to the details. For beginners and advanced students high level techniques and detailed issues are best dealt privately.

  5. Stability: Everyone's journey is different, and you can find stability through customize training programs. Stay grounded and go through this martial art journey your way.