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Episode 5 Footwork Variation: Step & Slide

Episode 5 Footwork Variation: Step & Slide

The first line of defense is footwork. No one can hurt you if they can’t hit you. The timing of movement is crucial.

Step & Slide is the first footwork variation for beginners and my personal favorite.

Step forward - Step with your lead foot but you push off with your rear. Your rear foot should be connecting to the ground (sliding motion). As you move forward your feet should not be too wide or narrow but the same distance as you original started off.

Step back: Step back with your rear foot and foot off with your lead foot (opposite of stepping forward)

Step left: Step left with your lead foot and push off with your rear foot

Step right: Step right with your rear foot and push off with your lead foot

Drill: A good drill to work on your footwork is to start off in fighting stance. Move forward, back left right. Be comfortable in your stance and moving in all directions. Once that becomes second nature add a combination after the footwork.

Step forward and throw Jab , Cross Step back and throw Cross , Lead Hook Step left and throw Lead Hook , Cross Step right and throw Cross, Lead Hook

Tip: Break it down to smaller steps (step and then strike). A lot of times we want to do everything all at once which can be problematic.

Step & Slide is one of my favorite footwork variations because it allows for a smooth transition from striking to moving / moving to striking. Great way to glide in and out of striking range and flows naturally one thing to the next.

This is also an art form so move with grace. Have a balance of strength and grace.

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