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Episode 6 Lead Hook - Attack From the Side

Episode 6 Lead Hook

Have a good structure and feet are in the right position. The power of the punch comes from having a solid foundation.

When the guard is tight from the front, go to the side. The key is the pivot and rotation of hip, and shoulder.

Rear hand is up high, elbows in protecting yourself as you strike. Pivot lead foot about 45 degrees and turn lead hip, shoulder, and arm is the follow through. Lead Elbow is aligned 90 degrees to shoulder, punch past center line, and bring it back quickly to original position. Thumbs can be facing up or sideways.

I use the analogy “stir the pot” motion or “grab all the poker chips from the table.” Arm goes in a circular motion like you’re stirring the pot and bring it back to your original stance.

Lead hook can be used as a power shot or used to set up your kicks. Transfer your weight to rear leg and pivot lead foot, and rotate hip and shoulder for maximum effectiveness.

Many times a person’s guard is tight from the front. Attack successfully from the side and the front would then open up.

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