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SHN Kickboxing Academy Episode 3 Jab

Episode 3: Jab

The jab is the most important yet fundamental punch in striking.

It can be used for offense and defense, used to set up, measure distance, keep opponent at bay, blind and create openings if there isn't one.

Good structure and the snap of the punch is key.

Keep the arms relaxed. Imagine reaching for an apple and bringing it back to your original position quickly (point B to A).

- Athletic stance. knees bent - Lead shoulder forward as you punch, elbows in - Rear hand up at eye level, elbows in to protect body as you attack - Chin down, eyes forward, breath out as you strike

You can strike stationary, take a half step (just lead foot advance), full step (lead and rear foot advance).

Power comes from the momentum and the snap of the punch.

You can use your jab to set up your combinations and power punch and kicks.

Common mistakes: - Being too tense, stay relaxed. Be efficient with your energy, or you’ll get tired quickly - Dropping your lead hand as you bring it back - Rear hand is down, vulnerable to a counter - Wrist isn't straight upon impact causing injury - Lead elbow is flared out telegraphing your punch

Master the jab for it is the most important strike.

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