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SHN Kickboxing Academy Online: Episode 2: Neutral, Defensive, Offensive Stance

Episode 2: Neutral, Defensive, Offensive Stance

Depending on the scenario our fighting stance is constantly changing, adapting. It has to or you'll be caught in a tough situation that you are not ready for.

Neutral Stance: - Hands up at eye level - Weight is distributed 50/50 on lead and rear leg (some could argue 60/40). - Stay on ball of your feel so you can move in and out of quickly. - Be in an athletic stance

The neutral stance allows you to transition from defensive or offensive stance by transferring weight to either lead or rear leg.

Defensive Stance: -Your stance is more narrow allowing you to lift your lead leg up and check kicks, and firing back if you choose. - Hands up high to check punches - Weight is in the rear leg and light on your lead foot. - Go for a rocking motion (hands up & down) for a rhythm

For more Self Defense or MMA setting, have a wider stance or structural base if wrestling and takedowns is involved.

The first line of defense is footwork, no matter how strong they are they can’t hurt you if that can’t touch you.

Offensive Stance: - Have a wider stance (creates good base for your strikes) - Weight is on the lead leg allowing you to throw strikes with power - Step forward with lead foot and rear foot follows, adding momentum (generates more power). - With good footwork gives you more distance coverage and able to land your shots efficiently.

Be comfortable in all stances for every scenario requires a different approach. Adapt to the situation by understanding your foundation.

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