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Episode 1: Fighting Stance

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Episode 1: Fighting Stance

Muay Thai / Kickboxing stance

Lower Body Position: Lead foot forward, knees are bent, in your athletic stance. Stay on the ball of your feet, so you can move in and out quickly. Rear foot is flared out at 45 degrees and lead foot is pointing forward. Make sure heels are not aligned which indicates you're too narrow and have bad structure.

Analogy: Good structure like a ladder (wide base on bottom for support, and shorter as you go up).

Upper Body Position: Usually your strong hand is in the rear (not in all cases, different ideologies/perspectives).

For example: In a street fight setting, maybe you would want your strong hand and strong leg leading and closest to the target. Whereas in Boxing/Kickboxing with gloves on, you would want strong hand in rear to set up power strikes for the matches are longer.

Your strong hand can also be in lead (advantages and disadvantages for each. No way is perfect, and you are free to choose.

Lead shoulder slightly ahead of rear rather than square (harder to hit). Lead hand ahead of rear, elbows in, palms open, relaxed and not tense. Chin down and eyes forward. Guard is up at eye level (not too high that your body is exposed, not too low that your head is exposed). Straight, neutral spine (not leaning forward or back). Body is relaxed not tense

Rhythm: Go for a rocking motion to find flow Different variations: Hands slightly rock up and down. Hand moving side to side (open & close) Hand pushing forward and back. Whole body working together in sync.Transferring weight lead to rear.

Analogy: Like the water benders pushing and pulling the water (Avatar The Last Airbender).

Foundation is key. Everything else will follow. No structure = No Power.

Music: Super Saiyan 3 Theme - Dragon Ball Z Epic Orchestra

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