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A Form of Meditation

How does one stay balanced in times of crisis? Whether its external crisis or psychological chaos within ourselves? We need a place of safe haven where we can find our grounding once again. It could simply be to take ourselves out of disempowering situations and into empowering situations. Body posture for example, and with the aid of Right thought can assist in that endeavor. Meditation can be a great antidote to chaos and anxiety. Working out can be viewed as meditation. As well as reading, writing, being close to nature, listening to music, having a good conversation with your friends and family. Another method which is seen below is martial arts training. To be more specific in this case, "shadowboxing." A form of exercise where you practice being in the moment, showcasing your striking tools that you've learned against an imaginary adversary. Like dancing, like articulated speech, it is a form of honest expression. A form of meditation. A valid option to keep one healthy in body and mind. Aim not to be perfect per se, but to strive forward in an honest manner.

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