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Be Proactive

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Be proactive in your own life. Take charge and control the circumstances. Lead the way, through sunny days and cold winters, it matters not. Do not leave these things to chance, you are proactive not reactive. Dictate where you want your life to end up, manufacture your own happiness. Do not leave these things to chance. If you give it your all you will be content with the outcome. Leave disempowering situations and stand back into empowering situations. Take back control and your own inner power. It requires a well grounded, wise, and disciplined individual. It is not easy to take charge of your life, and those immediately around you. It's even harder to do it on a consistent basis. Day in and day out. Be an example of someone who is moving forward, voluntarily. It is a decision. Step forth into the process of self-development. The best thing you can teach someone is to be proactive.

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