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Benefits of Martial Arts

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Strength Yes, in the physical sense. But I'm thinking more on mental strength which is just as important, and sometimes overlooked when we think of any sort of physical training. There is also strength in the spirit in which when we come to realize that training is more than a simply form of exercise (fitness is an admirable goal.) It has a spiritual element which is absolutely crucial to existence. Humility Life humbles you. Experience humbles you. Training humbles you. Your shortcomings humbles you. Your fears and glimpses of your fullest potential, humbles you. We become more humble as we get stronger, as we've experience more. There is no better teacher than experience. A brutal teacher that humbles you. We need to bring humility back. Compassion Compassion for all things, even your enemies. Someone who is truly strong understands compassion. When you show compassion and when to encourage. Kindness is brought out of us because we have endured. How can one be strong if they don't know compassion? Discipline To be free we have to be disciplined first. Willingness to fall. Humility to listen and listen well. Be willing to endure, suffer even. With the aim of the good in mind. The aim upward. Carrying the weight on your shoulders while sitting on the giants that were here before you. Integrity Holding ourselves accountable, and going through the process of positive change and growth. If we made up our mind that we are going to train, then train. If you are saying you are going to do something then do it. Doing things forthrightly and never taking shortcuts. You are what you do. Respect Respect the teachers and the art. Respect yourself and expect more from yourself. Respect those around you, respect the process. Respect differences, strengths and weaknesses that reveal itself through exertion. Awareness Consciousness. Enlightenment. Self awareness of ourselves and the surrounds. Aware of the good, the bad. A wisdom that comes through experience and training. Calm and confidence, a inner knowing of ourselves, our capabilities, and of the world.

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