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Be engaged in something. Find a flow in what we do. It has to spark our interest. Something that draws us in. Time pasts without us noticing, we are simply captivated by it. Flow will carry us over the years against hard nose will. Intensity is great, but once in a while. Consistent good work, a flow to our training is paramount. If we want to success in the long term in whatever endeavor we pursue, focus on the consistent work. If you want to succeed in the short term then perhaps hard will intensity will get you there. If we train with high level intensity, by definition you can only do that every so often before the body breaks down. If we train consistently throughout the weeks, throughout the months, and years, the amount of hours you put in will be higher than the sessions of high intensity. As a result, you will go further. Be consist and you will go far. Find a flow in our daily activities.

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