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Everyone's a Fool

Everyone's a fool in the beginning of something new. It's okay to be a fool. Perhaps it should be encouraged. Be a fool at something. Be a bit curious, intrigued in something. Start off as a beginner, as a novice. It's a journey, your own adventure. Pursue the aim upward, and gain knowledge along the way. It could only strengthen you. And then you would know more about the unknown. The seeker of the unknown, the seeker of truth. To understand yourself and your relationship to the world. What calls you forward? To be a fool one must be open to change, open to learning. Humility is important and unfortunately lacking in our time. Bring back humility, bring back the fool. And watch him/her become something. An expert, a master of something. Perhaps a master of themselves. And then you'll be good for something. Make the mistakes, encourage them. Be open to them. Make the mistakes as they come along while you're stumbling uphill. Maybe we can't be everything, but be a fool. Be a fool and then strive to become something. Something specific.

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