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The Problems of Our Time

What are you some of the problems we face today? What are some of the crucial problems of our time? How about whatever kills you psychologically? Whatever breaks down the human spirit. Whatever distracts you, destroys your focus, drive, motivation, and purpose. If we value our long term psychologically and physical health, then we have to protect it. At all cost. Protect your health. Protect your peace. Drugs, any forms of addiction is a problem. Addictions can take shape in many forms and mediums. It will grip and attach itself onto to you without you reasoning it. Be aware, be conscious to such addictions. Increase mental discipline. Life becomes more abundant when we have conquered our addiction. Bring forth the best in you at all times because life will demand a lot out of you. It is a constant battle. A battle for our lives, and a life that we want and can be proud of.

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