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You Will Go Very Far

Be a student. Always be open to learning. Always respectful and engaged. Have humility. We need to bring humility back. So many doors will appear and open itself up to you as a consequence. You will go so far you will not believe. Go far, take the journey. Keep your eyes open. Always be a student. Forget the short cuts. Forget it. It's tempting, I know. Put in the work. Put in the time. Do not cheat yourself. You owe it to yourself not to cheat yourself in this life. We cannot twist the fabrics of reality. Do things forthrightly and do it properly. Someone is always watching. Set the tone, be the example. A student of life in the pursuit of knowledge. How far do you want to go? That is a good question. Sometimes the question are more important than the answer. Why don't you go and find out? Wisdom can only benefit you and those around you.

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