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Health is Wealth

Take care of the body. Take care of the mind. Health is one of the greatest blessings of existence. First sign of wealth is one's health. Take care of ourselves. Invest time in ourselves. We have one body, one mind, why not take care of it? It can be viewed as a criminal neglect not to care of our body. What's the point with all the money, all the resources if our health our body fails us? Don't lose control, stay grounded. If your waistline is out of control, or the mind goes out of control, I don't consider that person to be successful. What good with having everything if you can't keep the body healthy? It is a constant battle. It is a constant decision. It's a sacrifice. Choose your sacrifice. What will you commit to? What do you care about? What else could possible be more important than your health? If you care about and value others, take care of yourself first. If you take care of yourself, those immediate around you will flourish. Health and harmony with the outside and inside world comes hand and hand. Take your power back by focusing on self-care. Push yourself and see what your body and mind is capable of.

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