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Optimal Health

Our body is a reflection of who we are. How can you value others if you don't value yourself? Take time to self reflect, self evaluate. It is not fun to be unhealthy. It affects our movements, our mood, our daily lives. Being healthy gives you more energy, you feel better about yourself. Life gets better day to day. Value our body, value our health. It can be considered criminal neglect if we don't take care of ourselves. How can we take care of those around us if we are not in healthy condition? What good is the the success and wealth we have accumulated over the years if the body breaks down? What would happen to you and your family if your body breaks down? Value life, life is precious. Health is wealth. We could argue that one is not truly successful if their body, they're waist is out of control. What a great accomplishment it is in our life time to reach our optimal health and physical condition. Wouldn't it be exciting to know the extent and potential of our physical body? It will be an adventure, one worth taking. It requires self discipline and commitment. Commitment to the good in life. It is a voluntary decision. The responsibility for your health rest upon you.

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