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To See the Good in Everything

How do we develop mental toughness? What makes a strong mind? How do we cultivate a strong mind? See the good in everything. See the good in all bad events and circumstances. Regroup, adjust your mind. Take aim towards the good. For there is some good in all bad events. There truly is. Train your mind, take care of the mind, fortify the mind. And walk on. Develop mental toughness for it will serve you well in this life time. Life will present you real obstacles, tragedies, and catastrophes. Learn to bounce back quickly in the face of loss and failures. You cannot defeat someone who always see the good in everything. That's one of the toughest person you can meet. Someone who always walk on forward and towards the good. Some who has faith and has a spark of hope within them. Aim at the positive and perhaps you'll reach somewhere positive. If you haven't found it yet; look more closely. Perhaps the rest of the chapters will unfold itself in due time. Take heart, and have patience.

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