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What Should the Student Look for?

What should the student look for in a teacher? Someone who is Professional. Always present, attentive, respectful to the student. They behave in an appropriate and respectful manner regardless of the student's level, background, age, gender, or beliefs. They will push them accordingly and allow mistakes to happen as a natural part of developing any type of skill. A balance of mercy and judgement. They are Knowledgeable. The instructor are an expert/master in their field and understand the material deeply. They have great Communication skills may it by verbal or nonverbal forms of communication. The teacher articulates the methods and techniques efficiently, so the student understands. The students must also feel the positive energy, and so Enthusiasm is important. Knowledge will help you understand and enthusiasm will help you go far. We cannot pursue greatness or the aim upward without enthusiasm. Passion, knowledge, articulation, and professionalism are all important factors in what the student should look for in a teacher. The most important thing is that he or she has to CARE. It has to matter what we do. Why do something if it doesn't matter? The teacher takes care of their students. It is their responsibility and duty.

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