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Why Train? Why Does it Matter?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Why train? Why is it important? Why not just live a comfortably life? Why go through all the adversity and hard work? We can simply relax and enjoy the comforts of life. Maybe we should to some degree, but ultimately it depends on what you value. Suffering and death is apart of life. Without suffering and death, life cannot be. If we cherish life, we should strive upward. I train because I want to aim upward, towards the good. Train to reach our potential so that we can be good for something. For yourself, for your family, for the boarder society. From a extreme perspective, it can be viewed as criminal neglect if you do not take care of your body. You have one body, one mind, why not take care of it? Train to be stronger. So we can battle the fears, anxiety, and suffering that life has to bring. I train because I love life. Love for the future generation. Perhaps aim to be a positive force in the world. Training does matter. It matters a great deal.

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