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Wisdom... Is Never Outclassed

What good is training if it doesn't serve you outside? Seek the knowledge, apply it, and then gain its wisdom.

Gather insight and know more about yourself through the process of training. Martial arts training should not only keep the body strong and healthy, but also develops the mind, and shapes the character. A good character is built through hard work. A person of good character is rare and worth their weight in gold. What could possibly be more important than personal development? Once you step outside the mats, the teachings should be brought through;

Hard work, patience, respect, discipline, self-control, perseverance. We must take in the physical and mental training. Physical training is just a part of it. There is a lot to investigate because you are a deep and complex being. Wisdom is never outclassed. It is never outmatched. Be a lover of wisdom. It is time you train yourself.


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